Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fight for Your Right

to party? This is embarrassing:
Four people were arrested during a gathering that drew thousands Monday night to protest Miami University's decision to hold classes Tuesday.

The protest outside of Miami President David Hodge's home drew an estimated 3,000 and agencies throughout Butler County — including nearly 70 officers — were called in to assist, according to the Oxford Police Department.

Fortunately, I am teaching graduate students this semester, so I did not have to deal with any complaints about having to work during the power outage. I would have been unsympathetic, particularly given the light provided by the star we orbit, and the availability of such non-electricity using technologies as the pencil (and the library was open!). Of course, such lack of sympathy would have killed my teaching evaluations, and that would be duly noted by the Dean and Provost, etc... Our incentives are to respond with indulgence, and this little disturbance (4 misdemeanor arrests) seems a logical consequence of the "customer satisfaction" mentality universities too easily slide into...

I never thought I'd agree with Sheriff Jones, but I do:

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones said he was disappointed to hear about the protests Monday night "because there are people out there really suffering."

"I have a place for them to stay that does have electricity, and I will make room for them," Jones said referring to the Butler County Jail. "We don't have time right now to deal with spoiled little kids."

Update (9/17): To be fair, I should note that none of my colleagues who are teaching undergrads this semester have reported any power outage-related whining or excuse-making.

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